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Planning for Change, Delivering Services 2019-2023

Edinburgh is one of the world's great cities, but it faces increasing demands for services. We need to start planning for change now, and to do this we need to look again at the type of services we provide and how we deliver them.

Tell us your priorities and try your hand at balancing our budgets.

We have to save at least £106 million over the next four years, but you can submit your budget as long as you save at least the £28 million shortfall for 2019/20.

All the information provided in the Budget Simulator is intended to give an indication of the impact that could result from the changes you make to spending levels. This information will be used to help shape our long-term plans and more detailed proposals to balance the 2019/20 budget

No significant change to a service or closures will be made without further consultation.

Budget Simulator shows the estimated spending on services in 2022/23 and allows you to decrease the amount of spending in each area by up to 20% or increase spending by up to 10%. The overall saving you need to make is £106m - which is a little less than 11% of the total cost.

Some costs cannot be changed in the Budget Simulator - such as interest charges. Some activities generate revenue for the Council - such as parking fees. While you do not see these, they have been included in calculating the overall total.

The Budget Simulator only includes customer-facing services which have budgets over £3m. This is to keep the number of sliders to a manageable level and make the choices clear and straightforward. Some support services such as Finance, Human Resources, Information and Communications Technology have had their costs apportioned to the services they support. For example, if you were to reduce spending on Care Homes by 10%, you would also be reducing the amount spent on Finance, HR and ICT support for care homes by 10%.


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